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An Immigrant Daughter's


By Mazie Hirono 

Viking/Penguin Random House


I was privileged to work with U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono, Democrat of Hawaii, to help tell her riveting life story. Of our collaboration, Senator Hirono shared:


"A special mahalo to Rosemarie Robotham, an incredible collaborator whose commitment, patience, and talent brought my voice to life on the page. Rosemarie and I connected almost immediately over our shared immigrant experience, and her understanding, compassion, and empathy brought a richness to this manuscript. Through our many hours of conversations during the writing process, Rosemarie encouraged and pushed me to explore important life moments honestly and deeply. Her skills as a writer and collaborator can be seen throughout the pages of this book, and I am deeply grateful for her friendship and partnership over the past eighteen months."

Praise for Heart of Fire

"One of the finest political memoirs in the history of the genre...Hirono’s story begins with her family’s roots in Japan and their experience as immigrants in Hawaii. Hirono offers an astoundingly compelling glance into U.S. politics...A must-read that demands a broad audience."—Library Journal
(starred review)

Lucy paper back.jpg


A Mother's Story

By Lucy McBath 
with Rosemarie Robotham

Simon & Schuster

“I am humbled by and grateful to my cowriter, Rosemarie Robotham, for her vision, support, humor, and love throughout this process. My book exists because of her faith in me to tell the story written on my heart.” —Rep. Lucy McBath, Democrat from Georgia and gun reform advocate

“McBath's story is moving, poignant, and clearly written…A heartfelt call to action for advocates of common-sense gun laws. “—Kirkus

“McBath tells a powerful story, and her grace, humility, and determined spirit will serve as inspiration to many.”—Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)


Standing Our Ground is McBath’s story of how she transformed her pain into activism. After her seventeen-year-old son Jordan Davis was shot by a man who thought the music playing on his car stereo was too loud, the nation grieved yet again for the unnecessary loss of life. Here, McBath goes beyond the assailant’s controversial Stand Your Ground defense to present an emotional account of her fight for justice, and her spiritual restoration as she awakened to a cause that will drive the rest of her days. Standing Our Ground explores the ways in which guns, race, and faith intersect in American life, and how we can move beyond our biases to achieve a safer nation for us all.  



We Are Not Here to Be Bystanders.png


A Memoir of Love & Resistance

By Linda Sarsour

Foreword by Harry Belafonte

Simon & Schuster


I was the collaborative writer for Linda Sarsour's extraordinary account of her life as an activist, and her experience as co-chair of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, the largest single day protest in U.S. history.


In an age of Muslim bans and mass deportations, We Are Not Here to Be Bystanders traces the making of a Brooklyn-born organizer of Palestinian descent, and her dawning conviction that all activism must be intersectional; we cannot uplift one without uplifting all. 


“Linda Sarsour's memoir challenges every stereotype about Muslim women...and teaches readers how to organize for justice and kindness in our own lives. This is a rare book that leaps off the page and into our hearts.” —Gloria Steinem


“A testament to the power of love in action—a fierce, courageous, joyous love that reaches across all borders and boundaries. If you're wondering what kind of activism holds the potential to free us all, this book offers an answer.” —Michelle Alexander

“Candid and poignant…an intimate portrait of a committed activist….a powerful memoir from a dedicated fighter for social justice.” —Kirkus 

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